By The RegPoint Team On Monday October 19th 2015

This One Time at Winter Camp…

We’ve all heard that friend’s “one time at Summer Camp” story, but what about Winter Camp?

The warm months are no longer the only time for young adults to learn new skills, create social bonds, and have a good time outside the house. Here at Payscape, our Regpoint Solutions branch offers easy sign-up and simple checkouts for camps, events, and schools all-year-round. Some of our Winter Camps have us teaming up with the Atlanta Hawks, Whitfield Athletix, and Halifax Rowing. We also team up to provide year-round athletics registration for schools like Cornell University, and the University of Georgia. If that roster doesn’t get you fired up; here are some more details that might:

Whitfield Athletix

George Whitfield Jr. is an All-Star trainer. He has trained some well-known names on the football field including: Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, Andrew Luck, Donovan McNabb, and more. Whitfield has used his knowledge and skill to create a youth camp, Whitfield Athletix, for future quarterbacks which instills the same training techniques that are used by the professionals. Aside from its San Diego base, Whitfield Athletix uses RegPoint Solutions to accept easy registration sign-ups from cities like, Chicago, Houston, and Austin. We offer his camps enrollment to the public, as well as private lessons. Whitfield Athletix is now taking registrations for camps between October 24th – December 22nd.

Cornell University

Cornell University may not be a winter camp, but it is a great representation of the year-round commitment that RegPoint Solutions has towards making registration an easy process. Cornell Athletics is a prime example of how our services can streamline registration and payment processes. When asked about RegPoint Solutions, Cornell Universities Assistant Director of Athletics recounted, “We have 37 Varsity sports, so the coaches all having access to their registrants is HUGE! I always recommend RegPoint to other schools when they ask how we handle registration.” It is an honor to be highly regarded by such a great school, and we think Cornell is pretty awesome too.

Why RegPoint

So why RegPoint Solutions? You’ve heard about our easy sign-up and simple checkouts, but what does that mean? We like to think of it as a one-stop shop for all your registration needs. First things first, RegPoint is all online! No more shuffling through papers, or worrying about losing important documents. When you login to RegPoint you can do multiple registrations at one time, fill out the waivers, and make payments all in the same place. Not only is it beneficial for the person registering, but it is awesome for the person collecting registrations. With RegPoint, we provide a back office that serves as your own personal database. Our service is going to have every person who has ever registered for offerings at your fingertips. You can easily search our database to find your registrants, and keep track of their forms and payments. How much easier can it be?

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