By The RegPoint Team On Monday July 20th 2015

Effective After School Programs

After school Programs have increased, now serving around 8.4 million children. These programs help with academic and social achievement. They help keep children safe and out of trouble, as well as improvement in different academic areas.

This only occurs if the after school program is effective. There are five key components in order to have an effective program.

  1. Goals
  2. Leadership
  3. Staff
  4. Program
  5. Evaluation

1. Goals

After School Program Goals

Having clearly defined goals that are attainable and are desired by the children is important. Having goals allows you to hold you program to a standard and feel accomplished. It is important to include the children in certain decisions regarding program activities. You want a program that the children love and can benefit from.

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By The RegPoint Team On Monday April 6th 2015

Simplify Your Registration Process for Summer Programs

The end of summer is almost here. That means camps, after school summer programs, and fun runs are or will be coming to a close. Bummer. But now’s the perfect time to ensure that next year’s programs and events will be easier to organize. If you’re not using registration software to capture applicant information, you’re making things harder on yourself.

Registration software virtually eliminates all paperwork, making the sign-up process simple for both participants and registrars. No more printing and filing paper permission slips or checks, and no more hunting down applicants who forgot to fill in a line to two. All the information you need regarding the applicants (including whether they’ve paid) is available to you 24/7, and is as easy to review as signing into Google.

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