INDUSTRY: Faith-based Summer Camp

Camp Wieuca is a ministry of Wieuca Road Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Their programs include an eight week, full day summer camp and an after school program during the school year.


Before Regpoint, Wiecua was using Camp Brain for their registration. Parents wanted them to use an online registration system that accepted credit card payments online and a quicker process to sign up kids for all programs. They needed something that was quicker than printing out forms and faxing.


Camp Wieuca needed a faster system for registration so parents could sign up their children online and pay online as well. Faxing and printing forms took too long and was harder to keep organized.


RegPoint allow Wieuca Road staff to send emails about upcoming camps, important dates, and required registration form. As a result, there is a much lower rate of registrants with incomplete registration forms. And with the ability to accept credit cards online, Wiecua has seen a huge decrease in the amount of time it takes to receive payments for their summer camp programs.

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"RegPoint has really streamlined registration for us. Things no longer get lost in the mix, and people don’t forget to pay or turn in forms."

- Colleen Bell, Wieuca Road Baptist Church Summer Camps