INDUSTRY: Independent School for Preschool to 8th Grade

Friends School of Wilmington has 33 teachers and 185 students, ranging from preschool age to 8th graders. The school is known for its vigorous academics, strong sense of community, and teaching and learning essential Quaker principles of simplicity, peace, integrity, equality and service. They offer 37 summer camp programs as well.


Before RegPoint, the teachers and staff at Friends School were using standard, paper registration forms. These forms made it difficult for staff and educators to access registrant information, and required physical storage space.


With the paper forms, parents kept calling and asking simple questions that are now clear on the Friends School site thanks to RegPoint. Staff members had been manually entering participant data into a spreadsheet, which was an extremely time-consuming task fraught with errors. Payment information was also being tracked through paper invoices, making confirmation of payment difficult to track.


Since transitioning to RegPoint’s online registration software for camps, registering program participants has become a simple process which saves the Friends School staff valuable time. Parents no longer have to call the school now that all the information is available online, and staff members no longer have to sort through a wall of filing cabinets to confirm student registration for summer and after school programs.

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"Yes, I would absolutely recommend RegPoint to another company!"

- Amy Hall, Educator at Friends School of Wilmington