INDUSTRY: University Athletics

SIZE: 37 Varsity Teams

Cornell University is a top Ivy League School with 37 varsity sports teams located in Ithaca, NY.


Cornell had no online registration software in place before coming to RegPoint. People would have to fill out a form and then call back to give their credit card information. The system was disorganized and caused confusion for both participants and Cornell staff.


No registration system
When signing up for sports/camps, people were calling in and manually giving their payment information over the phone.

No database
There was no digital database that stored registrant information, so the coaches had a much harder time accessing information pertinent to their teams.


Using RegPoint, there is now an online database through which coaches can access a registrant’s information anytime they want. Coaches can get a player’s numbers and statistics, especially useful for recruiting. RegPoint stores all this information and makes it easy to obtain.

A proper registration system is now in place, allowing everyone to sign up and make a payment at the same time. This information is stored and kept on file for the coaches across multiple years. RegPoint has made Cornell University’s registration more efficient, and less time consuming for coaches and staff.


Cornell University is a huge school with a varsity athletics program that is constantly growing. Through RegPoint, Cornell now has a systematic approach to registering current and upcoming students for different sports. Go Big Red!

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"We have 37 varsity sports, so the coaches all having access to their registrants is HUGE! I always recommend RegPoint to other schools when they ask how we handle registration."

- Kath Zarrella, Assistant Director of Athletics