By The RegPoint Team On Tuesday May 5th 2015

National Kids To Parks Day

Saturday, May 16th, is National Kids To Parks Day across the US. It’s an awesome way to get kids experiencing the outdoors before the summer camp season begins. It’s a nationwide fun filled day of outdoor play organized by National Park Trust (NPT). The NPT is a non profit organization made to preserve parks today and create park stewards for tomorrow. Their goal is to engage people with their natural areas, and have worked on more than 100 conservation projects benefitting 47 national parks in 31 states.

National Park Trust wants to encourage children all over the country to get out and explore their local parks and learn more about nature, history, science, and be adventurous. The day is designed to encourage kids of all ages to get outdoors (something not a lot of kids do these days),

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Tips for Summer Camp Directors

By The RegPoint Team On Thursday April 16th 2015

Tips to Improve Your Summer Camp

Camps are a huge part of our society today, whether they be sport, dance, art, church, day or overnight camps. There is an incredible variety of summer and year-long camps for all age groups and levels of experience. With all these camps, how do you as a camp director make yours stand out from everyone else’s? Well, here are a few pointers on improving your summer camp and growing your business from our team of online registration experts. 

Newsletters and Emails

Don’t let those campers forget about you. Before and after the camp season, send out regular emails and newsletters with updates about the camp and keep them in the loop. Collect those email addresses by first having the parents or campers fill out registration forms. You can do this by simply getting good camp registration software that will store all the information for you in a database that allows you to access it at any time.

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By The RegPoint Team On Monday April 6th 2015

Simplify Your Registration Process for Summer Programs

The end of summer is almost here. That means camps, after school summer programs, and fun runs are or will be coming to a close. Bummer. But now’s the perfect time to ensure that next year’s programs and events will be easier to organize. If you’re not using registration software to capture applicant information, you’re making things harder on yourself.

Registration software virtually eliminates all paperwork, making the sign-up process simple for both participants and registrars. No more printing and filing paper permission slips or checks, and no more hunting down applicants who forgot to fill in a line to two. All the information you need regarding the applicants (including whether they’ve paid) is available to you 24/7, and is as easy to review as signing into Google.

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By The RegPoint Team On Monday April 6th 2015

Day Camps Can Save You Money

Registering your son, daughter or entire pack for a day camp this summer? It’s an amazing experience for a lot of children around the country. But what a lot of parents don’t realize is that there’s tax credit available for those who send their kids to a summer day camp.

That’s right, The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit can help offset the cost of your child’s day camp this summer. Thanks, Uncle Sam! Here’s some more details on what you need to qualify for the summer day camp tax credit.

Day camp, like day care or a babysitter at home, is considered a childcare expense and is available for expenses incurred during the summer and through the rest of the year. But overnight camps and summer school or tutoring do not qualify.

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By The RegPoint Team On Friday April 3rd 2015

Inc. Releases List of Fastest Growing Companies

Inc. has announced their 2014 list of fastest growing companies in America and our parent company, Payscape, is among the many honorees. This year, the list includes names like Bridger, Tough Mudder, and makers of the camera most likely to end up in a lion’s mouth, GoPro.

What’s cool about being included in the Inc. 5000 list is getting to attend the Conference and Awards Ceremony, which is a full three days of learning, leisure, and networking with leaders from nearly every American industry. It’s not cheap, but the event is a great way for companies of all sizes to get out there and rub elbows with their peers, competitors, and business moguls like Martha Stewart, Michael Dell and Marcus Lemonis of CNBC’s The Profit,

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