By The RegPoint Team On Thursday July 30th 2015

How to Run a Successful Summer Camp

Running a summer camp may seem like a piece of cake, but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to make a camp run successfully and efficiently. A camp is a business that needs proper maintenance, great marketing, and a friendly staff to make everyone feel welcome. Here’s some pointers that will help you learn how to run a summer camp and have all the kids excited for their summer!

Maintaining Your Camp

You want your customers to keep returning each and every year and referring their friends to your camp as well, because that’s more business for you! Campers want a comfortable and fun experience and they want to be in a clean environment.

This includes:

  • Comfortable cabins
  • Well-maintained restrooms
  • Modern techniques and technology
  • Tasty and nutritious meals
  • A knowledgeable and caring staff


Summer camp is for learning and fun,

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By The RegPoint Team On Monday July 27th 2015

Easy Ways to Measure Event Success

Every company is held to some type of accountability. There has to be a measurement system in place so you can asses how your company is doing and how to improve and grow.

For events, this can be simple or complicated depending on what you want to look at. You can simply measure your event by how many attendees there were or by comparing how much you spent to how much you made. If you want to get a little more complex, you can weigh the number of metrics with things such as customer satisfaction surveys.


Either way, event planners already have a lot on their plate. This is one lest stress needed.

There are five ways to measure the success of your events that will not take up a lot of time.

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By The RegPoint Team On Monday July 20th 2015

Effective After School Programs

After school Programs have increased, now serving around 8.4 million children. These programs help with academic and social achievement. They help keep children safe and out of trouble, as well as improvement in different academic areas.

This only occurs if the after school program is effective. There are five key components in order to have an effective program.

  1. Goals
  2. Leadership
  3. Staff
  4. Program
  5. Evaluation

1. Goals

After School Program Goals

Having clearly defined goals that are attainable and are desired by the children is important. Having goals allows you to hold you program to a standard and feel accomplished. It is important to include the children in certain decisions regarding program activities. You want a program that the children love and can benefit from.

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By The RegPoint Team On Wednesday July 15th 2015

10 Oldest Camps in America

Summer time is here in America and that means camp registration!! Most children are already at camp or signing up. Think for a minute about the registration process and how easy it was. Think about how everything was done electronically and all you had to do was click submit. Now, think back 100 years. I know your probably thinking what the heck, but there are a handful of camps that have been around since the 1800s. Thing about what there registration process included if they even had one.

Then it was all about the best filing system. Now, it is all about the best registration software. Having a great registration software can make it easy for customers to register and pay with no hassle. Now, unfortunately, these 10 camps I am about to mention did not have RegPoint back in their day.

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